Tourist Attractions

When you decide to make your home in Duncan, you’re giving yourself access to some of the most popular tourist attractions in British Columbia! It’s great to live in a place where people want to spend their holidays—no matter what time of year it is, you can find something fun and exciting to do!

Totem Poles

There’s a reason people call Duncan the city of totem poles. Our downtown area is full of them, highlighting our rich past and our diverse culture. Kids and adults alike look forward to heading down to downtown Duncan and looking at the totem poles put up by local tribes.

Some totems are older, having stood in their current location for hundreds of years. Others are newer, showing the growth of our community and changes in local styles.

Lighting Up the Stage

Art and culture are a big part of life in Duncan. If you enjoy the sounds of opera, the laughs of comedic theatre, or the action of drama, you can check out the Chemainus Theatre to check out the local talent.

You can look at the shows they're putting on, enjoy a meal at the Playbill Dining Room, explore local art in the gallery, or take a weekend getaway to treat yourself. They also offer theatre workshops and summer camps, so you can encourage the budding actor or artist in your family!

Cowichan Bay Village

If you need to get away and just relax, Cowichan Bay Village is just a short drive away. Located on the Cowichan Bay, this quaint village has some of the best dining in the area, beautiful waterfront views, diverse wildlife, and a rich variety of local businesses. Head down for a day trip or make a weekend of it when you live in Duncan, you have options.

Come check out all that Duncan has to offer! With the great tourist attractions found in the Cowichan region, you can make memories that you and your family will never forget.