Fun Water Activities in Duncan

Is anything more invigorating than being on the waterfront, or even better, getting right into the water? I don’t think so, which is probably why I love living in Duncan so much! There are tons of water activities you can participate in, whether you’re looking to get some alone time or have a fun day out with the family.


Cruising on the open water is one of the best ways to clear your head, explore the area, and learn how to respect the water. The Maple Bay Yacht Club brings together yachting enthusiasts from all over Duncan, giving you the chance to build your skills, learn about the sport of yachting, and participate in power boat events.


Boating is one of the most popular activities in Duncan. Whether you want to make a short trip to Lake Cowichan and enjoy the peace and quiet of this area or get involved with the Maple Bay Marina, there are plenty of ways to explore British Columbia by boat.


Fresh fish is the best, and it’s even more rewarding when you catch it yourself. Jump onto your boat, rent one, or fish from an approved dock. You can enjoy the best seafood in the British Columbia area and clear your head.


The beautiful blue water of Lake Cowichan and the Cowichan River give you the chance to put on your swimsuit and go for a nice, long swim. With our gorgeous weather and warm temperatures, why not spend some time splashing around?

One of my favorite parts of living in Duncan is the great variety of water activities my family and I can enjoy.